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In this section, cyclists will find information on:

  • the various types of cycling facilities and the Route verte, as well as the full text of the Cycling Policy;
  • commuting, and more specifically, the Employer Program, which includes a range of measures that can be implemented by employers to, among other things, promote cycling as a means of commuting;
  • the road network: the proper manner for cyclists to use a roundabout as well as road signs and signals developed for them;
  • safety: quizzes, the Transport Safety Policy, and actions taken in this regard by the Ministère, the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, as well as the latest road safety statistics.

Awareness-Raising Campaign for Better Road Sharing

Again this summer, the ministère des Transports du Québec joins Vélo Québec to improve safety for cyclists and promote active mobility as part of a campaign inviting road users to share the road in a more harmonious way.

Visit the The hyperlink will open in a new window.  website to find tips and advices in the form of short videos.

Plan Safe Routes

To help cyclists plan safe routes, the ministère des Transports du Québec developed a mapping toolThe hyperlink will open in a new window. illustrating the bicycle-friendliness of roads. A simple click on a road segment allows users to visualize the posted speed, the width of paved shoulders and the daily traffic flow. Visit quebec511.infoThe hyperlink will open in a new window..

Bikeways can bring you safely to your destination and their number is constantly growing. Visit www.routeverte.comThe hyperlink will open in a new window..


Cycling Policy

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