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Everything You Need to Know about Winter Driving Preparations

In terms of winter driving, there are risks associated with winter conditions, even for an experienced driver and despite road maintenance operations.

Individually adopting appropriate behaviour according to the road environment increases your safety and that of other road users.

Visit the Safety Tips section to find out what you need to know about preparing for winter and winter driving.

Clearing Snow Off Vehicles

The presence of snow or ice on a vehicle travelling on public roads represents a potential hazard to other road users. Snow falling from the vehicle can significantly reduce visibility, while falling ice can injure pedestrians, damage cars or even cause accidents.

It is therefore essential that shippers, operators and drivers comply with provincial and federal laws and regulations that govern snow clearing activities, to prevent road and work accidents. Those who contravene these laws and regulations are liable to a fine or even imprisonment.

For more information on that matter, consult the folder entitled “Obligations for Clearing Snow Off Vehicles” in the Documentation section at the bottom of the page.

Understanding Road Conditions: A Tool to Plan Your Trips Better

Bouton - New terminology for winter road conditions.

Concerned with the safety of road users and determined to make their trips easier, the ministère des Transports developed, in the fall 2012, a simplified terminology to describe winter road conditions.

The terminology describes roadway and visibility conditions separately. The colours used are also different from those used to show traffic conditions. The purpose is to provide road users with even more detailed and accurate information, to help them make informed decisions before hitting the road.

Remember that the Ministère provides real-time information on road conditions on its Québec 511 Info Transports website, which is transmitted by the media, using the same terminology.

Safety in mind all the time.

Awareness Campaign

Safety in mind all the time! This is the message that is conveyed to drivers in this winter’s new awareness-raising campaign.

Regardless of the weather, winter driving may present risks. This is why it is essential that drivers pay close attention to road conditions, as these can change quickly and unpredictably, and that they adapt their driving to the risks that may arise.

We tend to believe that accidents usually occur during storms, but that is not true. A review of the road safety records shows that it is mostly when the weather is nice that drivers are less careful. Year after year, approximately 40% of road accidents occur during the winter months.

Five good habits to get into this winter

  1. Before leaving, check the roadway and visibility conditions with Québec 511. If the conditions are poor, try to delay your trip as much as possible.
  2. Clear snow off your vehicle and make sure to remove snow from the windows, rear-view mirrors, roof, hood, headlights and registration plate.
  3. Adjust your speed according to the road and weather conditions.
  4. Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  5. Be patient in the presence of winter maintenance vehicles and make sure the operators can see you: these huge vehicles have blind spots, look out!


Questions to Find Out More

Visit the Quizzes section and test your knowledge of winter road safety rules.

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