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What do each of these signs mean?

1. Traffic sign - Yield

  1. Prepare to stop abruptly.
  2. You are entering a priority traffic lane.   You must yield and adjust your speed.
  3. This sign is used only in Europe.

2. Traffic sign - Do not enter

  1. No entry.  You are about to enter a one-way street or a highway lane.
  2. This sign is intended solely for the drivers of heavy vehicles.
  3. Reduce speed.  Danger.

3. Traffic sign - Prepare to stop

When lights are flashing on this sign it means that you:
  1. are approaching an intersection where the light will be red;
  2. must yield to oncoming traffic;
  3. must accelerate so that you reach the light before it turns red.

4. Traffic sign - Traffic control person ahead

  1. Indicates that a flagman is directing traffic during road works.
  2. Indicates the presence of a school crossing guard.
  3. Indicates that you must stop immediately.

5. Traffic sign - Speed zone

  1. Indicates the maximum speed at which vehicles engaged in road works may travel on the road-building site.
  2. Indicates the maximum speed at which all types of vehicles may travel on a road-building site.
  3. Indicates the maximum speed recommended for all types of vehicles on a road-building site.


  1. This sign is intended solely for heavy vehicles.
  2. Indicates that all drivers must use the right lane to climb the hill.
  3. Indicates that the driver of a slow-moving vehicle must use the right lane.

7. Traffic sign - Steep grade

  1. Indicates a gradient of at least 60% (a drop of 60 m for every 100 m).  The higher the figure, the steeper the slope.
  2. Indicates a gradient of at least 6% (a drop of 6 m for every 100 m).
  3. Indicates the approach to a ski centre where the slopes drop significantly in level.

8. Traffic sign - School zone

  1. Indicates a zone in which speeds in excess of 50 km/h are prohibited at all times.
  2. Indicates that vehicles in this zone must stop immediately.
  3. Indicates a school zone in which speeds in excess of 50 km/h are prohibited when children are entering and leaving school.

9. Traffic sign - School bus stop ahead

  1. Indicates that you have just passed a school bus stop.
  2. Indicates the possible presence of a school bus stopped to pick up or drop off children.
  3. This sign is installed 1 km from every Québec school.


aTraffic sign - Roadway narrows
bTraffic sign - Lane ends

Do you know the difference between these two signs?
  1. Sign A indicates that the left lane merges with the right lane and sign B indicates that the far left lane merges with the middle lane.
  2. Sign A indicates that the road narrows without the loss of a lane and sign B indicates the loss of a lane.
  3. There is no difference; both signs indicate that the roadway narrows from two lanes to one.

11. Traffic sign - Trucks carrying dangerous substances prohibited

What should you do when you see these signs?
  1. Do not throw empty cans on the public highway.
  2. Nothing, unless you are transporting dangerous substances, in which case, go a different way.
  3. Do not brake suddenly.

12 .Traffic sign - Railway crossing stop exemption

  1. Keep going.
  2. Stop to see if a train is coming.
  3. Park on the railway if you need to and it is impossible to park elsewhere.

13. Traffic sign - No stopping

Stopping prohibited where indicated.

True False

14. Traffic sign - Reserved lanes for buses and taxis

Traffic lane reserved for certain classes of vehicles moving in the direction of traffic.

True False

15. Traffic sign - Mandatory straight through or turn right

Driver must proceed straight ahead or turn right.

True False


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