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1 - Invisible ice is:

  1. a thin layer of transparent ice that forms on the roadway
  2. a layer of hardened snow formed by residues of de-icing materials
  3. a very thick layer of ice that forms in cold weather
  4. accumulated granular material mixed with melting snowButton - Terminology for winter road conditions.

2 - If your vehicle has ABS brakes, it is recommended that, in an emergency, you:

  1. brake gradually to avoid locking the wheels
  2. hold the brake down as far as possible
  3. pump the brakes forcefully

3 - To ensure the best road maintenance possible, the speed of road maintenance vehicles in winter must not exceed:

  1. 80 km/h
  2. 30 km/h
  3. 90 km/h
  4. 50 km/h

4 - Salt used to de-ice roads acts:

  1. in one to two hours
  2. in 20 to 30 minutes
  3. instantly
  4. in 45 to 60 minutes

5 - In winter, most traffic accidents occur during storms.

True False

6 - Snow tires are made out of rubber which is harder and thus better suited to cold weather.

True False

7 - The salt used on highways is effective even in extreme temperatures.

True False

8 - The use of anti-lock brakes in winter reduces braking distance.

True False

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