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 This section contains:
  • examples of the main signs found on all-terrain vehicles (ATV) or quad and snowmobile trails;
  • quizzes to test your knowledge of the Act respecting off-highway vehicles;
  • a page on snowmobiling that includes the main provisions of the Act respecting off-highway vehicles, safety tips, information concerning hand signals and the Route blanche, and a link to the Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec [Québec Federation of Snowmobiling Clubs] website, among other things;
  • a page on quad that includes a link to the Fédération québécoise des clubs quads [Québec Federation of Quad Clubs] website, along with some of the items listed above;
  • documents concerning the public consultation process on off-highway vehicles that was held by the Ministère, as well as the briefs that were received in connection with this process (in French).

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