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The ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ) is mandated to ensure, throughout the province of Quebec, the mobility of persons by way of effective and safe transportation systems. It thus contributes to the establishment of paratransit services to foster the social, professional and economic integration of persons with a disability.

The aim of the Programme d'aide gouvernementale au transport adapté aux personnes handicapées [paratransit government assistance program] is to provide financial support to public transportation companies as well as to municipal organizations looking to establish a transit service to meet the needs of the disabled.

Study on customer needs and satisfaction—parallel transportation

As the main donor agency for paratransit services, the MTQ is concerned with making sure that these services meet customer needs and measuring the latter’s satisfaction with the quality and safety of the services provided.

Within this context, the MTQ conducted in the fall of 2004 a survey with users of all paratransit services in Quebec. In this way, close to 4,000 questionnaires were sent to users selected at random as part of this study.

Also as part of this study, the MTQ asked its main partners to share their assessment of the situation as regards customer needs and satisfaction and the measures to be implemented to adapt to the latter. A data collection accordingly took place with the directors of paratransit organizations (PO), the directors or presidents of paratransit user groups (PUG) and paratransit user committees (PUC), as well as with analysts within the Office des personnes handicapées du Québec’s (OPHQ) regional community action branches.
The document outlines the results obtained through the customer survey as well as those of the data collection conducted with representatives of the POs, PUGs, PUCs and OPHQ.

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